New Long Island Special Needs Radio Show

Monday Evenings at 6:30PM EST

Special Needs Long Island is a weekly radio program dedicated to the special needs community on Long Island.  It is a forum where the latest information involving special needs will be provided.  Featured guests are from special needs organizations, professionals practicing in the field, families and individuals with special needs. The program is hosted by Jeff Silverman, Director of Special Needs Planning for the Center for Wealth Preservation in Syosset, New York. He can be reached by e-mail at [email protected] or at (516) 682-3363

Tonight’s Special Guest is Me!

Join “Special Needs Long Island,” the radio program focused on the Special Needs Community, as we interview special needs planning attorney Ellen Victor, Esq., this Monday, October 11 at 6:30 p.m!

Questions can be called into Ellen during the show at (631)888-8811.

Ellen is uniquely qualified to answer your questions, as a special needs attorney (, blogger (, and mother of a special needs child.

Here’s your chance to ask your special needs question of an attorney who focuses on this area of the law — for free.

Questions like:

• Why do I need a special needs trust?

• How do I choose a trustee for my special needs trust?

•Do I still need an SNT if my child isn’t on public benefits?

So be sure to tune in at 6:30 p.m. on Long Island’s WGBB 1240 AM.  For those out of the local broadcast range, or wanting the best clarity, the program is simulcast on the internet at

How Life Insurance Can Help Your Special Needs Child

Many parents are concerned about how they can fund a supplemental needs trust, especially in these rough economic times.  Parents are also concerned about how their other children will feel if they divide their estate assets unevenly, providing more for their siblings with disabilities.  These siblings might have even more resentment if they end up being financially responsible after you are no longer able to supplement your special needs child’s benefits.  Children with autism have a normal life span and could easily need financial assistance until they are well into their 80s!  Additionally, they may need to pay for care that you are no longer able to provide, such as a care manager or help with cleaning and shopping.

Parents with a disabled child should consider buying life insurance to wholly or partially fund the special needs trust.  There are several types of insurance to consider.  Term life is the least expensive option, but the premiums increase each year as the insured (that’s you) gets older.  Since these policies need to be renewed, at some point these policies are typically dropped due to the steep increases in premiums as you age or experience health issues.  There are several types of permanent life insurance including whole and universal.  The least expensive option is known as survivorship or second-to-die life insurance.  This term policy is payable only upon the death of the second insured, when it is most needed.  It is best to consult a life insurance agent with expertise in this area.

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