Practice Areas

Special Needs Planning

Ellen Victor is the parent of an adult child with special needs. As such, Ellen understands the importance of creating an estate plan to properly provide for your loved ones with special needs. She knows how difficult it is to appoint a trustee or guardian who will one day substitute for your financial judgment and hands-on care while still protecting the disabled persons’ eligibility for government benefits. She understands that parents of special needs children need special attention to ensure their goals and concerns for their children are met. Ellen’s personal experience and expertise helps her custom design supplemental and special needs trusts with your unique needs in mind.

Estate, Tax and Asset Planning

Ellen will create a comprehensive estate plan, including related tax issues, to meet your objectives to unburden loved ones and to protect your legacies and assets. Ellen individualizes these plans to provide security, allow you to maintain independence, and to protect your property in case of incapacity. She prides herself on her ability to be both caring and professional.

A comprehensive estate plan should include a will and/or a trust, a durable power of attorney, health care proxy and living will that meet your unique needs and circumstances. As your estate planning lawyer, Ellen commits to keeping up with and advising her clients on new developments in Federal and New York estate and tax law.

Medicaid Advocacy

Ellen will prepare or assist you in preparing and submitting the Medicaid application to the appropriate local Medicaid office in Nassau or Suffolk County. Should you need or desire, Ellen will co-ordinate all communications between you and your local Medicaid office.

Guardianship Services

Ellen will represent clients seeking guardianship of relatives who either can no longer manage their own personal or financial affairs, or those seeking guardianship for their special needs children who cannot manage their own affairs.

Small Business Formation and Administration

Owning a small business in today’s environment is both challenging and rewarding. Ellen will assist you in selecting the best entity and management structure for your small business. She advises on the formation and operation of C and S-corporations, professional corporations, general and limited partnerships, limited liability companies and partnerships, as well as professional LLCs and LLPs. Additionally, she drafts and reviews contracts, advises on the purchase and sale of businesses, and assists with negotiations of commercial leases. She helps your small business develop exit strategies in the event of business succession or dissolution. Most importantly, she encourages and strategizes with small businesses on how best to administer and operate your small business in order to avoid litigation.

Real Estate

Ellen assists both buyers and sellers in all aspects of their commercial and residential real estate transactions.